Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mediterranean Jelly.

This jellyfish as you probably notice is a bit of a standout with its polka-dot tentacles. They're also known as 'fried egg jellies' for obvious reasons.

Other than the fact that I haven't covered Jellies before, what makes this one unique is that it has the ability to move easily without the need of a current pushing it along. If you think of the cap of a jellyfish as a wheel at the the top of an arrow, the 'wheel' can only contract its rim (it is a circular muscle) pushing it only in the direction that it is pointing to. So it can't control direction. This one can, however.

Other general jelly facts are the fact that offspring attach to rocks, and for a while feed on passing nutrients and particles. This is their 'polyp' stage. Eventually they're free from surface and look like what you and me would consider a jellyfish (though they aren't fish).

The colors on this one supposedly lure prey so it can grab fish and other small creatures passing through.

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